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Bach at Home: Colin Booth, harpsichord - [SBCD-223] $16.98

Most great composers have left some works that are rarely heard. They may not be part of a better-known set, or may contain odd features which are not typical of a master’s more familiar style. Colin Booth’s CD features music of this kind. His three previous Bach recordings (J. S. Bach – by Arrangement; the Goldberg Variations, and the Well-Tempered Clavier), have all attracted extravagant critical praise. Here we have a collection of unfamiliar keyboard gems which make immediately compelling listening. Also, as a theme, the program investigates how Bach carried home from church his organ-playing style, allowing it to make its mark upon his music for domestic instruments, for instance his use of very long held notes in supposed harpsichord works, something that his contemporaries Handel and Scarlatti did not do. Imported by Raven.

Prelude in D Minor, BWV 940
Fugue in D Minor, BWV 948
Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E-flat, BWV 998
Prelude in F, BWV 928
Suite in A Minor, BWV 818a (6 mvts)
Prelude in C, BWV 943
Fugue after a theme by Erselius, BWV 955
Prelude in C Minor, BWV 999
Concerto in G Minor, after a violin concerto by Telemann, BWV 985
Fantasia on a Rondo theme, BWV 918
Prelude in D, BWV 936
Prelude and fugue on a theme by Albinoni, BWV 923 & 951

Bach at Home: Colin Booth, harpsichord
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