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Johann Mattheson: The Melodious Talking Fingers
The 12 Fugues of 1735 Dedicated to Handel
Colin Booth, harpsichord - [SBCD-220]

Colin Booth records his second volume of works by Johann Mattheson (1681-1764), a great friend of G. F. Handel in Hamburg despite a duel they fought. Mattheson's Twelve Fugues were published in 1735 in Hamburg and were dedicated to Handel. They are played by Booth on a two-manual, brass-strung harpsichord he built in 2016 in replication of on built in 1661 by Nicholas Celini, but with extended compass. It is the same harpsichord upon which Booth recorded his recent and very well received recordings of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, Books 1 and 2.  Mattheson's Die Wohlklingende Fingersprache includes a few additional pieces based on themes used in some of the fugues. They are played on the CD in the order as arranged in the score for reasons Booth describes in his informative booklet notes of 27 pages.
Fugue 1
Fugue 2
Fugue 3
Fugue 4
Fugue (adagio)
Fugue 6
Fugue 7 (grave)
Sinfonia (presto)
Fugue 8
Fugue 9
Burla (vivace)
Fugue 10 (a tre)
Fugue 11
Fugue 12

Colin Booth's earlier recording of Mattheson's harpsichord music, SBCD-208 Harmony's Monument: The Twelve Suites of 1714, a 2-CD set for the price of one, is also available.

Johann Mattheson: The Melodious Talking Fingers<BR>The 12 Fugues of 1735 Dedicated to Handel<BR>Colin Booth, harpsichord
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