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Jeremy Filsell Plays the Organ of Washington National Cathdedral
2 CDs for the Price of One
by Marcus LaCroix Date Added: Monday 01 April, 2013
The Great Organ at Washington National Cathedral has always been among my top favorite organs. It packs one of the best punches and can deliver the most softest whisper. This instrument has been the subject of many discussions as to its current state and which organ builders have had a hand in its voicing, etc.

Americana is steller two CD set featuring works by composers associated mostly with Washington National Cathedral. The set opens with a sonic tour de force (and also ends the same) with many pieces in between to show off the capabilities and tonal qualities of this instrument. From the thundering 32' and 64' pedal stops to the lush 8' foundation and string stops, this recording has it all. I found this CD set to be very enjoyable and perhaps the finest recording of the Cathedral organ to date. My only surprise was the amount of wind noise (air leaks from the wind chests, and wind lines within the organ) heard during the soft, quieter pieces on this set. As the liner notes state, this is due to the organ's poor state. But dont let that fool you...this instrument sounds glorius! The recording engineers did a wonderful job capturing the dynamic range of the Great Organ! The last track "Celebration" by Daniel Gawthorp is the best recording of this piece I have heard so far. Hopefully this isnt the last recording done by Raven on this organ before it is removed/replaced. Personally I would love to hear Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1 on this instrument recorded by Raven!

Bottom line...a super recording worth every dollar!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

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