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Sigfrid Karg-Elert Works, Graham Barber, Organist: Sigfrid's Unbeaten Tracks - [FSRCD-016] $16.98

Karg-Elert: Second Sonata, op. 46:
Enharmonic Fantasie and Double Fugue (B-A-C-H)

Karg-Elert: Six Portraits, Op. 101:
Quasi Concertino per Clarinetto solo, No. 12, alla Weber
Impromptu interrompu, No. 14, alla Chopin
Vorspiel zu einem Drama, No. 18, alla Wagner
Frauengunst, No. 20, alla J. Strauss
Duetto d'Amore, No. 19, alla Verdi
Am Hardanger Fjord, No. 25, alla Grieg

Graham Barber performs his own transcription for organ of Karg-Elert’s great Sonata, op. 46, originally for harmonium. In three movements and about 40 minutes in duration, this epic work is infused with the B-A-C-H theme. He also transcribes for organ and records six pieces of character music by Karg-Elert from the 33 Portraits of composers, op. 101. The organ at St. Paul's Church in Ulm, Germany, was built in 1910 by the Link Brothers of Geingen-an-der-Brenz, Germany, as op. 535 and enlarged to 4 manuals and 86 ranks in 2015 by Thomas Gaida of Wemmetsweiler, retaining and adding Romantic stops. 

Sigfrid Karg-Elert Works, Graham Barber, Organist: <I>Sigfrid\'s Unbeaten Tracks</>
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