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Wind Song: Music for Flute & Organ
Marijim Thoene, organist; Anne Chabreck, flutist
Reviews The Diapason, "What a fine recording this is!" - [OAR-910]

Reviews David Wagner in The Diapason, July 2009:
"Here is a recording, the second on this instrument by Marijim Thoene, which presents a wonderful program of works for flute and organ, many of which are heard for the first time. . . . The Dobson organ is well suited to this music, which demands a big lush sound with lots of color, with a space that is well matched to the organ in a live acoustic that lets the organ sing in an uninhibited manner. What is particularly wonderful about this recording is that the large acoustic lets the sound truly bloom on the recording, but microphone placement is done so that maximum clarity of both flute and organ is preserved.
"Probably the best known work on the recording is the first one, the Sonata in G Minor; once attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach as BWV 1020, but now . . . attributed to his second sone, Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach. . . . the artists were successful in following the dictum of C. P. E. Bach in his essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments, that the melodic lines be interpreted as if they were sung instead of being played on musical instruments.
"Roger Bourland's Cantilena is a work of many moods during its almost ten-minute duration, from Zen-like serenity to joyful acclamations proclaimed by organ and flute together. There is a hauntingly beautiful recitative for solo flute, and then the voices of the organ and flute are joined so seamlessly by these artists that at times they are almost indistinguishable.
"Daniel Pinkham's Miracles for Flute and Organ is a five-movement set of tone poems that describe various miracles performed by Christ as told in the Gospels. . . . Here both the flute and the organ conspire together to paint pictures of the events as told in these stories; for example, in the Miracle on the Lake, Pinkham evokes the images of a storm (with the pedals evoking thunder and the flute in the upper range to suggest flashes of lightning), but as the storm is calmed by Christ, organ and flute combine to suggest an almost other-worldly peace that overcomes the lake when the word is spoken for all to be calm.
"Two of the real finds on this recording are the pieces by Franz Kropfreiter (1936-2003), who was the organist at St. Florian Church in Linz, Austria, a position once held by Anton Bruckner. . .
The three pieces by Jehan Alain were composed in 1935 . . . Here is Alain as we know him, with extensive use of modal scales and driving motor rhythms in the fast movements; the music is wonderfully played by both artists.
"The final work, Powwow Suite for Organ and Flute by American composer Judith Vander . . . a fascinating evocation of what one would experience at a weekend gathering of Native Americans as they celebrate their tradition of song and dance. . . .This is very accessible music, and joining Marijim Thoene and Anne Chabreck to conclude this recording is percussionist Kaan Yayman.
"What a fine recording this is! The repertoire is interesting and in many instances not available anywhere else, the playing is first class, and the organ is a true gem in a wonderful acoustic. it is these ty0es of musical projects that give us all hope that the organ has a bright future ahead for people that truly are interested in new music of meaning, beauty and depth. This is a disc that is very easy to recommend with great enthusiasm. Congratulations to both Marijim Thoene and Anne Chabreck."

Marijim Thoene plays the Dobson organ, op. 73, at St. Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, Louisiana, and Anne Chabreck plays flute in the splendid acoustics of the magnificent abbey church.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788): Sonata in g minor

Roger Bourland (b. 1952): Cantilena for Organ and Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone

Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006): Miracles for Flute and Organ
The miracle at Cana · The miracle on the lake · The miracle at Bethesda · The miracle in the country of the Gerasenes · The miracle at the roadside

Franz Augustinus Kropfreiter (1936-2003): Victimae Paschali Laudes and Veni Creator from Vier Stücke

Jehan Alain (1911-1940): Trois Mouvements pour Flûte et Orgue, Op. 64

Judith Vander (b. 1936): Powwow Suite for Organ and Flute
Flag Song · Round Dance · War Dance

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