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Louis Vierne: The Complete Organ Symphonies on DVD & CD
Roger Sayer Plays the Harrison & Harrison at The Temple Church, London
Special Price! - [FSFDVD-014]

Roger Sayer gives spectacular performances of all six of Vierne’s organ symphonies on the magnificent 1923/1954/2013 Harrison & Harrison 67-stop organ of the Temple Church, London. Recorded in extraordinary power and vivid detail in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and in hi-rez video, all six symphonies are presented with video of the performances on the DVD and in audio only on 3 CDs. The 40-page booklet includes notes on the music, the specification of the organ, photographs, all included within a lavishly designed boxed set. Produced by Fugue State Films in the UK, famous for other award-winning DVD/CD productions such as The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll, César Franck, Creator of the Organ Symphony, Charles-Marie Widor, Master of the Organ Symphony, Bach: The Art of Fugue, and many more.

Vierne: Complete Organ Symphonies played by Roger Sayer on 1 DVD and 3 CDs:
Symphony No. 1 in D Minor, op. 14 in six movements
Symphony No. 2 in E Minor, op. 20 in five movements
Symphony No. 3 in F-sharp Minor, op. 28 in five movements
Symphony No. 4 in G Minor, op. 32 in five movements
Symphony No. 5 in A Minor, op. 47 in five movements

Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, op. 59 in five movements

Roger Sayer
Roger Sayer is Organist and Director of Music at The Temple Church, London, having previously held the same position at Rochester Cathedral. He is also Deputy Chorus Director and Accompanist to the London Symphony Chorus.

In his early years, Roger was an organ student at St Paul’s Cathedral and also won many prizes for organ playing as a student at the Royal College of Music. Notably his success as a prize winner in the 1989 St Albans International Organ Competition led to a career of international recital tours which take him all over the world. He has made many recordings both as organist and conductor. In 2005, he completed the complete organ works of Bach.

Under his direction the Temple Church Choir has performed live on BBC Radio 3, Classic FM, the Cadogan Hall, in Washington DC and Holland. Roger is organ soloist on the soundtrack of the blockbuster film Interstellar and has performed the score live at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Organ of the Temple Church
Harrison & Harrison, 1923, 1954, 2013


1. Double Open Wood (from 3) 32
2. Sub Bourdon (from 29) 32
3. Open Wood 16
4. Open Diapason (from 30) 16
5. Geigen (from 28) 16
6. Bourdon (from 29) 16
7. Violone (from 58) 16
8. Dulciana (from 17) 16
9. Octave Wood (from 3) 8
10. Flute (from 29) 8
11. Octave Flute (from 29) 4
12. Double Ophicleide (from 13) 32
13. Ophicleide 16
14. Orchestral Trumpet (from 64) 16
15. Bassoon (from 25) 16
16. Posaune (from 13) 8
I. Choir to Pedal
II. Great to Pedal
III. Swell to Pedal
IV. Solo to Pedal

CHOIR ORGAN 17 - 26 enclosed
17. Contra Dulciana 16
18. Claribel Flute 8
19. Lieblich Gedeckt 8
20. Dulciana 8
21. Salicet 4
22. Flauto Traverso 4
23. Harmonic Piccolo 2
24. Dulciana Mixture III
25. Cor Anglais 16
26. Clarinet 8
27. Tuba (from 66) 8
V. Choir on Swell
VI. Octave
VII. Sub Octave
VIII. Unison Off
IX. Swell to Choir
X. Solo to Choir

28. Double Geigen 16
29. Bourdon † 16
30. Large Open Diapason 8
31. Small Open Diapason 8
32. Geigen † 8
33. Hohl Flute 8
34. Stopped Diapason † 8
35. Octave 4
36. Principal * † 4
37. Wald Flute † 4
38. Octave Quint † 22/3
39. Super Octave 2
40. Fifteenth * † 2
41. Seventeenth * † 13/5
42. Mixture IV
43. Mixture * † II-III
44. Tromba 8
45. Octave Tromba 4
XI. Great Second Division on Choir†
XII. Reeds on Choir
XIII. Reeds on Solo
XIV. Choir to Great
XV. Swell to Great
XVI. Solo to Great

46. Quintatön 16
47. Open Diapason 8
48. Stopped Diapason 8
49. Echo Salicional 8
50. Vox Angelica (to FF) 8
51. Principal 4
52. Fifteenth 2
53. Mixture V
54. Oboe 8
XVII. Tremulant
55. Double Trumpet 16
56. Trumpet 8
57. Clarion 4
XVIII. Octave
XIX. Sub Octave
XX. Unison Off
XXI. Solo to Swell

SOLO ORGAN 58 - 65 enclosed
58. Contra Viola 16
59. Viole d'Orchestre 8
60. Viole Céleste 8
61. Harmonic Flute 8
62. Concert Flute 4
63. Orchestral Hautboy 8
XXII. Tremulant
64. Double Orchestral Trumpet 16
65. Horn 8
66. Tuba 8
XXIII. Octave
XXIV. Sub Octave
XXV. Unison Off

Eight foot pistons to the Pedal Organ
Eight pistons to the Choir Organ
Eight pistons to the Great Organ
Eight pistons to the Swell Organ
(duplicated by foot pistons)
Eight pistons to the Solo Organ
Eight general pistons and general cancel
Two general pistons for couplers
Sequencer, operating general pistons.

Reversible pistons:
Reversible foot pistons: II, XV

Combination couplers:
Pedal to Great pistons,
Great to Pedal pistons,
Pedal to Swell pistons,
Generals on Swell foot pistons.
The pistons are adjustable by setter piston with 256 general and 16 divisional memories.

Balanced expression pedals:
Choir, Swell and Solo Organs

The actions are electropneumatic
The manual compass is 61 notes; the pedal 32 notes

* New stops 2013
† Great Second Division 2013

Louis Vierne: The Complete Organ Symphonies on DVD & CD<BR>Roger Sayer Plays the Harrison & Harrison at The Temple Church, London<BR><Font Color=red><I>Special Price!</I>
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