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The English Organ
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The English Organ

PreBuy the Multi-DVD Box Set

Preview on YouTube a small segment demonstrating the tonal resources of the famous Sydney Town Hall organ by clicking here:

The English Organ definitively explores the full history of the English organ through a set of video DVDs that, like Fugue State Film's much beloved and awarded The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll, features playing, inteviews and organ visits. The lavish boxed set includes video visits to more than 30 organs: early surviving examples of English organs to a few recent ones. This is an opportunity to enter your order, now, and pay for it now at a lower price, with shipping within the USA included in the pre-buy price, than will be possible after the set becomes available. Fugue State films intends to complete the set soon and have it available before Christmas (but there is no promise of pre-Christmas delivery, despite every good intent to achieve it.)

The  centerpiece of this grand production is a three-part documentary video tracing the history of the English organ and its music played in England and in parts of the British Empire during the period ca. 1600 to the present, showing the vibrant culture of the organ and its music. The set includes a booklet with photos and specifications of all the instruments. Many performances are by the concert organist Daniel Moult who received great reviews for his contributions to the earlier, single DVD, The Elusive English Organ, now out of print.

The DVDs in the new set include video of full performances of three hours of music from Purcell to the present day, among them such composers as Handel, Stanley, Wesley, Smart, Stanford, Brahms, Elgar, Bridge, Howells, Parry, Vaughan-Williams, Whitlock, Thalben-Ball, Britton, Hollins, Britten, Brockless, Gowers, MacMillan, Leighton etc.  Some choral music from the Anglican tradition is included.

Instruments include, but are not limited to:
ca. 1680 Anon., Adlington Hall
1704 Renatus Harris, St. Botolph's, Aldgate
1735 Richard Bridge, Christ Church Spitalfields
1755 John Snetzler, Clare College, Cambridge
1818 Thomas Elliot, Ashridge College
1829 James C. Bishop, St. James', Bermondsey
1851 Gray and Davison, St. Anne's, Limehouse
1855 Wm. Hill & Sons, Kidderminster Town Hall
1855 Henry Willis, St. George's Hall, Liverpool
1869 Edmund Schulze, St. Bartholomew's, Armley
1884 T. C. Lewis, St. George's, Cullercoats
1885 Michel and Thynne "The Grove Organ," Tewkesbury  Abbey
1887 Henry Willis, Truro Cathedral
1889 Thomas Hill, Sydney Town Hall, Australia
1890 T. C. Lewis, St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia
1908 Robert Hope-Jones, First Universalist Church, Rochester, NY, USA
1919 Hill, Norman and Beard, Dunedin Town Hall, New Zealand
1923 Harrison and Harrison, Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland
1934 Harrison and Harrison, King's College, Cambridge
1954 J. W. Walker & Sons, Brompton Oratory
1962 Harrison and Harrison, Coventry Cathedral
1969 Grant, Degens, and Bradbeer, York University
1993 John Mander, St. Ignatius Loyola, New York City
2017 John Nicholson 7 Co., Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand
and more

The English Organ<BR><I><font color = red>PreBuy</I></font> the Multi-DVD Box Set
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