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Paris by the Bay: Vierne Organ Symphony No. 3; Dupré: Symphonie-Passion - [OAR-450] $15.98

On the large organ built at Old First Presbyterian Church in San Francisco by William Visscher, incorporating and tripling the size of the original 1910 Hutchings to 3-64, Glenn Kime performs two great masterpieces of early 20th-century Paris. The Dupré Symphonie-Passion is the famous work first realized as an improvisation played by Dupré at the Wanamaker store in Philadelphia.
DUPRÉ: Symphonie-Passion, Op. 23
VIERNE: Troisième Symphonie, Op. 28

Vierne & Dupré
The lives of Louis Vierne and Marcel Dupré were closely intertwined in the Parisian musical life they both helped to create. In the early years of the century, Dupré was not only a student of the older Vierne, but a friend and colleague as well.

Vierne, organiste-titulaire at Notre-Dame Cathedral, was kept from his beloved Cavaillé-Coll instrument for long periods because of ill health. The young Dupré became acting organist during these periods. Vierne composed his Third Symphony in 1911 while a guest of the Duprés at their summer home in Saint-Valéry-en-Caux. The manuscript is dated May 18 to September 14, 1911, and the dedication reads "A mon Elève et cher Ami, MARCEL DUPRÉ."

The Symphonie-Passion of Marcel Dupré originated far from the organ lofts of Paris. Rodman Wanamaker had large instruments installed in both his Philadelphia and New York department stores, each played by the great organists of the time. Dupré, who frequently toured the United States, created the Symphonie-Passion as an improvisation from submitted themes during a recital at the Philadelphia store on December 8, 1921. He put the work into musical notation during the summer of 1924 and gave the first performance in its present form at Westminster Cathedral, London, on October 9, 1924. The first performance in the United States was given in the New York Wanamaker store, November 18, 1924; the Paris premier was played on the aging Cavaillé-Coll instrument in the Trocadero. Glenn Kime

Glenn Kime
Glenn Kime resides in Syracuse, New York, where he serves as Director of Music for May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society and as choral accompanist for Syracuse University and the Syracuse Children's Chorus. As an accompanist he has recorded and toured in the United States, Northern Europe, and China. As soloist, he has performed in the United States, England, and Canada, including recitals for conventions of the American Guild of Organists and the Organ Historical Society. His teachers have included Will Headlee, Gillian Weir. and Cherry Rhoads.

The Organ
Perhaps organs were a part of the musical life at Old First Church, San Francisco, beginning shortly after its founding in 1849. Enthusiasm for the instrument must have led to the extraordinary arrangement made in 1863 to acquire a large, three-manual organ built in Boston by Thomas Appleton. This organ of 27 stops was originally built for the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston and had subsequently been used at the Boston Music Hall until it was displaced in 1863 by a much larger and now famous E. F. Walcker organ imported from Germany. The Appleton organ was lost when Old First Church was dynamited in 1906 to prevent the spread of the raging downtown fires started by the April 18, 1906 earthquake.

In the period 1910 to 1912, George S. Hutchings built his firm's Opus 1679 of three manuals and 29 stops for the new building which had been erected after the earthquake. In the 1950s, a new console replaced the original Hutchings console of "bat-wing" style and tonal changes were made by Lloyd Davies. The 16' Open Diapason and 8' Gross Flute on the Great were replaced by a Twelfth, Fifteenth, and Mixture IV. A 2' stop and a 4' Clarion were added to the Swell and the Vox Humana was removed. A 16' Trombone rank was added to the Pedal.

Failing mechanisms of the wind chests, wind system, and console prompted a contract with Visscher Associates to build a new instrument, reworking and incorporating much of the excellent Hutchings pipework into the Visscher 1995 magnum opus, more than double the size of the original Hutchings. The "American Classic" specification formed the basis for the scaling and voicing of the organ, which was built on entirely new slider windchests and with electric action. In true American style, Visscher Associates Opus VI reflects the "melting pot" we are privileged to inherit, with homage paid to English, French, German and American organ traditions. William Visscher

Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco
1996 Visscher Associates Organ, Opus VI

H= 1910 Hutchings, rs = rescaled, rv = revoiced, 1950 = added in that year
GREAT 14 stops, 23 ranks
16' Violone 1-24 H, 25-61 new
8' Open Diapason 1-16 H, 17-61 new
8' Gamba H, rs, rv
8' Gemshorn H, rs, rv
8' Double Flute new
4' Octave new
4' Spire Flute new
2-2/3' Twelfth new
2' Fifteenth new
III Cornet tg, new, mounted
V-VIII Mixture new
16' Double Trumpet new, Cavaillé-Coll style
8' Trumpet new, large scale Dom Bedos style
4' Clarion new, Cavaillé-Coll style
Cymbel Star
SWELL 16 stops, 20 ranks
16' Lieblich Gedeckt H, rv
8' Open Diapason H, rv
8' Viola H, rs, rv
8' Celeste tc, H, rs, rv
8' Stopped Diapason H, rv
4' Octave new
4' Chimney Flute H, rv
2-2/3' Nazard H, rs, rv
2' Flageolet H, rs, rv
1-3/5' Tierce new
IV-VI Mixture new
16' Double Cornopean 1-12 new, ext. 8'
8' Cornopean H, rv
8' Oboe H, rv
8' Vox Humana new
4' Clarion I-II
CHOIR 13 stops, 18 ranks
16' Quintaton new
8' Open Diapason H, rv
8' Dulciana H, rs, rv
8' Unda Maris H, rs, rv
8' Concert Flute H, harmonic, rv
4' Octave new
4' Traverse Flute H, harmonic, rv
2' Piccolo 1950,rs,rv
1-1/3' Octave Quint new
II Sesquialter new
V Mixture new
16' Clarinet H, rv, 1-12 new
8' Cromorne new, Dom Bedos style
PEDAL 14 stops, 3 ranks
32' Subbass new, ext Violone
16' Double Open H
16' Violone Great
16' Bourdon H
16' Lieblich Gedeckt Swell
8' Octave from Double Open
8' Bourdon from Bourdon
4' Choral Bass from Double Open
32' Sackbut new, from Dbl Trumpet
16' Trombone new
16' Double Trumpet Great
16' Double Cornopean Swell
8' Trumpet from Trombone
4' Clarion from Trombone
ANTIPHONAL 8 stops, 13 ranks
A freestanding organ with tracker action is designed for later installtion in the rear gallery. It will be playable from the main console, which is prepared for the purpose.

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