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Virtuoso! Music for Organ DVD/CD
Daniel Moult Plays Audacious 20th-Century Organ Music on 4m, 80+ Ranks! - [FSF-003]

This package from Fugue State Films contains a DVD with superb video and 4.0 Surround Sound as well as excellent sound on a conventional CD. Acclaimed British organist Daniel Moult performs exciting and virtuosic 20th-century organ works -- some of the most audacious works ever composed for the organ -- on the four-manual organ of Bridlington Priory in Yorkshire, England.

From Schmidt to Messiaen he leads us through a bold selection of French, Austrian, Dutch and Australian repertoire. By presenting the art of the organ virtuoso in close-up detail and with full surround sound, this DVD makes this music both exhilarating and accessible. The organ in Bridlington Priory, with its great power and array of beautiful colours, is the perfect vehicle. The organ was built in 1889 and most recently restored in 2006 by Nicholson Organ Builders. Other builders have enlarged and rebuilt it over the years since Charles Anneessens originally built it, among them Hill & Son, Norman and Beard in 1922 and John Compton in 1949. It now comprises more than 80 ranks of pipes.

Reviews The Organ: "Ultimately this disc is a real winner . . . A stylish and captivating player to watch . . . Daniel Moult's playing is, from the outset, dazzling, and does much to demonstrate the versatility of the superb organ at Bridlington Priory."

66 mins DVD | PAL & NTSC DVD-10 | Region Free | 16:9 | Dolby Digital 4.0 Surround

Franz Schmidt: Toccata
Jehan Alain: Fantasmagorie
Marcel Dupré: Trois Préludes et Fugues, Op. 7
No. 1, in B major · No. 2 in F minor · No. 3 in G minor
Jean Langlais: Thème et Variations from Hommage à Frescobaldi
Maurice Duruflé: Toccata from Suite, Op. 5
Graeme Koehne: Gothic Toccata
Ad Wammes: Miroir
Andries van Rossem: Praeumbulum super MI FA
Olivier Messiaen: Transports de joie from L' Ascension

Reviews Graeme Kay in Choir and Organ Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010:
In his introductory piece to camera, Daniel Moult engagingly contrasts the Lisztian view that virtuosity is a central component of musicianship with Wagner’s typically forthright and possibly disingenuous remark that it is a ‘trifling indulgence for the serious musician’. Moult wryly adds that if virtuosity pursued for its own ends can make the musician into a ‘performing seal’, the skill of the delivery mechanism risks diverting attention away from the paramount skill and accomplishment of the composer. ‘At heart, this is music I love,’ he concludes winningly, ‘and I hope you enjoy it.’

Organ performance videos have a strong part to play in lifting organ loft anonymity and persuading the public that organists’ unique combination of performance skills are every bit as demanding as any headlining artist at Carnegie Hall or the Concertgebouw. Here, the open console of Bridlington Priory’s large 1889 Anneesens / 2006 Nicholson organ lends itself to bright, even lighting in a directorial approach which, as befits the DVD’s title, concentrates on Moult’s exceptionally fluid keyboard and pedal technique. Hundreds of thousands of keystrokes whiz by as Moult works his way through toccatas by Franz Schmidt, Duruflé, and an exciting exercise in process syncopation – Gothic Toccata by Graeme Koehne (b. 1956). And the bulk of the pieces not named as such harbour toccata structures, such as Dupré’s op.7 Preludes & Fugues, Messiaen’s Transports de Joie, the popular Miroir by Ad Wammes (b.1953) and the Praeumbulum super Mi Fa by Andres van Rossem (b.1957).

Apart from some pleasing interstitial views of Bridlington Priory’s architecture and organ pipes, the unfussy camerawork rarely strays from Moult’s presence at the console, as he demonstrates a contained virtuosity with no need of Lisztian wild hair, arm-waving, catsuit or rhinestone sparkle. To the lay observer, he risks making it all look deceptively easy; but this is a DVD that serious students of the organ will want to revisit for an object lesson in the unfussy performance of some fiendishly difficult repertoire. For the technically minded, the DVD is filmed in 16:9 surround-sound, and plays on both the PAL and NTSC systems; DVD extras include detailed specifications of the organ (its intermediate pedigree also includes Abbott & Smith, Hill, Norman & Beard, John Compton and Lycock & Bannister) and there is an accompanying audio-only CD of the music.

Virtuoso! Music for Organ DVD/CD<BR>Daniel Moult Plays Audacious 20th-Century Organ Music on 4m, 80+ Ranks!
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