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HOST Tour to Switzerland, Aug. 23 - Sept. 1, 2018
This is not a CD!
This 2018 Tour is Fully Subscribed as of Feb. 2018 - [HOST 2018 Tour Deposit]

Historic Organ Study Tours (HOST)
announces a summer tour in

From Geneva to Zürich and Beyond

NOTE: As of February, 2018, this tour is fully subscribed. Please request e-mail notification of the 2019 Tour. The 2019 Tour destination and registration information is expected to be known and announced sometime in the period between mid-October and the end of December 2018, or possibly early in 2019.

August 23 - September 1, 2018
10 days, 11 nights

This is our 25th Anniversary Tour of historic European organs -- a special event in a special place! 

We will begin in lovely Lausanne on the shore of Lake Geneva, the largest of the Swiss lakes and a stunning sight. From here you can see the French and Swiss Alps, as well as snow-covered Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. A boat trip around the lake is an experience not to be missed, along with a visit to the Castle of Chillon, which sits in the water at the southeastern shore. (Chillon was made popular in the English-speaking world by Lord Byron, who wrote the poem The Prisoner of Chillon in 1816. Byron also carved his name on a pillar of the dungeon, which can be visited.)

In Lausanne, Geneva, Vevey, and other locations around the lake, we will visit significant modern organs and some historic treasures. As we move north to Fribourg, Bern, Basel, Olten, and Zürich, we'll encounter organs from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, as well as more 20th-century landmark instruments. Historic organs by Schott (1630), Manderscheidt (1657), Schnyder (1660), von Zuben (1697), Albrecht (1709), Leu (1715), Bossard (1717, 1721), J. A. Silbermann (1761, 1769), Pottier (1764), Grob (1784), Zimmer (1791), Otter (1794), Mooser (1781, 1816, 1834), Callinet (1842), Scherrer (1857), Kuhn (1880), Walcker (1888), and Goll (1898) will inform us about the extraordinary range and quality of organbuilding in Switzerland during three bygone centuries. Other highlights are sure to be the two exquisite eclectic Orgelbewegung instruments by Metzler in the cathedrals of Zürich (1960) and Geneva (1965), as well as the Alain family house organ for which Jehan Alain composed his masterworks.

During our visit to each organ, we'll hear our leader, Christophe Mantoux, present a comprehensive demonstration of the instrument's characteristic registrations and musical possibilities. Participants will then examine and play the organ. A booklet with information about each organ will be provided to each participant at the beginning of the tour. Photo and recording opportunities will abound. As time permits, other sights complementary to our organ visits will be included in order to make the tour as instructive, varied, and enjoyable as possible.

This is your chance to enjoy for the first time, or once again, one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Consider spending extra days before or after the tour to experience the incomparable mountains and lakes at leisure! A side trip to Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland or to Zermatt and the Matterhorn beckon. Then, come with us on our study tour through the inspiring organ and natural landscapes of breathtaking Switzerland!

Christophe Mantoux, Professor of Organ at the Conservatoire régional de Paris and the Pôle supérieur de Paris. Titular Organist of the Church of Saint-Séverin in Paris. International concert and recording artist. Experienced organ tour leader.

Bruce Stevens, Director of Historic Organ Study Tours. Instructor of Organ at the University of Richmond. Organ recitalist and recording artist. Experienced organ tour director and leader.

William T. Van Pelt, Co-Director of Historic Organ Study Tours. Owner of Raven Recordings. Former Executive Director of the Organ Historical Society. Experienced organ tour director and leader.

Tentative Itinerary

Wednesday, August 22
Participants arrive on their own at the tour hotel in Lausanne (There are two trains per hour with no changes from Zürich airport to Lausanne Central Station.)
Overnight in Lausanne at Best Western PLUS Hôtel Mirabeau

Thursday, August 23
Lausanne: Eglise réformée Saint-Paul – 1986 Felsberg organ, II+P/26 in the style of Arp Schnitger
Lausanne: Eglise réformée Saint-Laurent – 1991 Felsburg organ, I+P/9 in Spanish Baroque style
Lausanne: Eglise St. François – 1995 Kuhn organ, V+P/75; 1990 Formentelli choir organ, I+P/9 in Italian Venetian style
Lausanne: Cathédrale – 2003 C. B. Fisk organ, V+P/102
Overnight in Lausanne at Best Western PLUS Hôtel Mirabeau

Friday, August 24
Geneva: Temple de Saint-Gervais – 1996 Felsberg organ, II+P/31, in French Baroque style
Geneva: Temple des Eaux Vives – 2001 Grenzing organ, II+P/25
Geneva: Temple de la Fusterie – 1979 Quorin organ, III+P/34, in French Baroque style
Geneva: Cathedrale St-Pierre – 1965 Metzler organ, IV+P/67; 1888 E. F. Walcker organ, II+P/10
Overnight in Lausanne at Best Western PLUS Hôtel Mirabeau

Saturday, August 25
Lutry: Temple de Lutry – 1791 Jean Zimmer organ, III+P/38
Vevey: Eglise réformée St-Claire – 1898 Friedrich Goll organ, II+P/18
Roche: Le Musée Suisse de l’Orgue – many organs to hear and play
Overnight in Lausanne at Best Western PLUS Hôtel Mirabeau

Sunday, August 26
Romainmôtier: Maison de la Dîme – Albert Alain organ, IV+P/43; organ of Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini
Romainmôtier: Eglise réformée (ancienne église abbatiale) – 1972 Neidhart & Lhôte organ, IV+P/35
Moudon: Eglise Saint-Etienne – 1764 Joseph-Adrien Pottier organ, II+P/21
Overnight in Lausanne at Best Western PLUS Hôtel Mirabeau

Monday, August 27
Bulle: Eglise cath. St. Pierre-aux-Liens – 1816 Aloys Mooser organ, II+P/26
La Roche: Eglise de La Roche en Gruyère – 1857 Joseph Scherrer organ, II+P/23
Villaz Saint-Pierre: Eglise réformée – 1842 Callinet organ, II+P/23
Overnight in Fribourg at Hotel TBA

Tuesday, August 28
Fribourg: Cathédrale St. Nicola – 1834 Aloys Mooser organ, IV+P/61; 1657 Sebald Manderscheidt organ, II+P/18
Payerne: Eglise paroissial – 1993 Jürgen Ahrend organ, II+P/22, reconstruction of the 1784 Melchior Grob organ
Köniz: Reformierte Kirche – 1985 H. J. Füglister organ, II+P/26, reconstruction of the 1781 Josef Carl Maria Bossart organ
Overnight in Fribourg at Hotel TBA

Wednesday, August 29
Bern: Französische Kirche – 1991 Goll organ, IV+P/66
Bellelay: Klosterkirche – 2009 Kuhn organ, III+P/26, exact reconstruction of 1721 Josef Bossard choir organ; 2014 Kuhn organ, I+P/15, in style of Bossard
Solothurn: Jesuitenkirche – 1794 Franz Josef Otter organ, II+P/22
Overnight in Olten at Hotel Amaris

Thursday, August 30
Olten: Stadtkirche St. Martin – 1880 Johann Nepomuk Kuhn organ, III+P/39
Basel: Predigerkirche – 1767 Silbermann organ, II+P/28, restored/reconstructed by Metzler 1974
Arlesheim: Dom – 1761 Johann Andreas Silbermann organ, III+P/37
Overnight in Olten at Hotel Amaris

Friday, August 31
St. Urban: Zisterzienserkloste – 1717/1722 Josef Bossard organ, III+P/40
Muri: Kloster – 1630 Thomas Schott organ, II+P/34; 1660 Johann Jodocus Schnyder organ, I+P/8; 1697 Hans Melchior von Zuben organ, I+P/16
Zürich: Grossmünster – 1960 Metzler organ, IV+P/66   
Overnight in Zürich at 25hours Hotel Langstrasse

Saturday, September 1
Winterthur: Stadtkirche – 1888 Walcker organ, III+P/56; 1984 Metzler choir organ, II+P/18
Rheinau: Klosterkirche – 1715 Johann Christoph Leu organ, III+P/36; 1709 Johann Christoph Albrecht choir “sarcophagus” organ, I+P/13
Overnight in Zürich at 25hours Hotel Langstrasse

Sunday, September 2
End of tour

Costs & Inclusions
Included in the tour cost of $3,390 per person are hotel accommodations in double occupancy rooms for 11 nights, all breakfasts, a group dinner, a group lunch, luxury coach transportation, admission to all tour organs, the tour booklet, and the assistance of the tour leaders. A single room may be had for a single supplement of $700. Not included in the tour cost are overseas air travel, land transportation to meet and depart from the tour, and other evening meals and lunches. The tour cost is based on a minimum of 30 participants and is subject to modest adjustment prior to departure, if necessary. (Note: The expenses for this tour are approximately 25 percent higher than the expenses for the last several tours largely because the Swiss currency is very strong.)

We will stay in comfortable, three- and four-star hotels. Each room will have two beds and a private bath. Participants may specify their roommates, or we will assist anyone wishing to have a roommate to find one, if possible.

Once again, our transportation will be provided by Hirsch-Reisen GmbH, of Karlsruhe, Germany, which will provide us with a first-class, luxury coach and a professional driver.

Arrival & Departure
Detailed instructions for the brief walk from the Lausanne Central Station to the hotel will be provided. The last night of the tour will be spent at a hotel close to the Zürich Central Station, thus making access to the airport shuttle train quite easy.

Historic Organ Study Tours assumes no liability for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, default, or irregularity occurring in connection with the performance of the tours. Participants must carry their own luggage to and from the bus and hotels. Participants must be prepared to walk reasonable distances for periods of up to 30 minutes when the coach cannot navigate narrow streets to get close to a destination. Participants are requested to refrain from smoking indoors in the vicinity of the tour group.

Deposit & Final Payment
Our tours often sell out, so you are encouraged to register without delay. To reserve your place, we must receive your deposit of $600 per person and a completed registration form. We will start a waiting list after 41 deposits have been received. The remaining balance must be paid by May 1.

A refund of the total amount paid, minus a $100-per-person administration fee, will be available until June 1. After June 1, only one-half of the total amount paid can be refunded, minus the administration fee. After July 1, no refund will be possible.
Registering for the Tour
If you register and make your initial payment via this website, please provide the information requested below in the message section of the order form during the checkout process. Or, please print, fill out, and mail the Registration Form below with your check. Payments by check or money order help us keep costs down and are appreciated. You may also send the required information by e-mail and pay by credit card, but for security reasons, do not send a credit card number in an e-mail -- it is safe to use this secure site, instead. Other options are to fax your credit card number to 804-355-6386, or to leave the number on the answering machine at that number. These latter two methods are also entirely safe.

Enclosed is my deposit check for $ __________ ($600 per person)
to reserve ______ place(s) for the Historic Organ Study Tour in Switzerland,
August 23 - September 1, 2018. (Please print clearly.)

Name(s): _________________________________________


Street Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________________

Phone: _____________________________

E-mail address: ____________________________________

___ I/we wish to play the organs whenever possible.

For single registrants only:
___ My roommate will be _________________________
            (Please list roommate name, if not already written above.)
___ Please reserve a single room for me at an additional cost of $700.
___ Please assist me in arranging for a roommate.

Make check payable to “Historic Organ Study Tours” and mail with
your registration form to:

    Bruce Stevens, Director
    Historic Organ Study Tours
    3217 Brook Road
    Richmond, VA 23227

Deadline for payment of balance: May 1

<font color = blue>HOST Tour to Switzerland, Aug. 23 - Sept. 1, 2018<BR></font><font color = red>This is not a CD!</font><BR><font color = blue><B><I>This 2018 Tour is Fully Subscribed as of Feb. 2018</I></B></font>
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