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William Croft Keyboard Music, Colin Booth, harpsichord - [SBCD-991] $16.98

Colin Booth plays a two-manual harpsichord he built in 1997 in the character of a German instrument of about 1700, though it shares many qualities with English harpsichords of the period. It is strung in brass, three sets of strings and a buff stop. Croft is chiefly remembered for his church music, but the quality of his keyboard music is consistently good, with a defined personal style which is unusually tuneful, direct and attractive.  He had the unusual ability of conveying a variety of contrasting moods within the confines of a harpsichord suite.

William Croft Harpsichord Music
Suite in G: Ground; Minuett
Suite in C Minor: Prelude; Allemande; Courante; Sarabanda; Ground; Aire; Hornpipe; Minuet
Suite in F: Scotch Tune; Air; Jigg
Suite in A: Ground; Minuett
Suite in D Minor: Slow Almand; Corant; Slow Saraband
Trumpet Overture: Entry; Allegro; Adagio; Allegro
Suite in E Minor: Almand; Corant; Saraband; Rondo; Gavotte
Suite in G Minor: Prelude; Aire; Minuett
Suite in A: Almand; Corant; Saraband
Scotch Tune The Lovesick Jockey

Writes Early Music Review:
The harpsichord is rich and sonorous, matching perfectly the spacious, unhurried but nevertheless detailed interpretations… In fact the whole disc is of superb quality and represents the most persuasive and interesting Croft recording I have heard. An impressive disc by any standards.

Writes Gramophone:
Playing a brass-strung harpsichord built by himself, Colin Booth most persuasively presents the engagingly fresh charm of these suites.

William Croft Keyboard Music, Colin Booth, harpsichord
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